Wild Vibes

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Bring out your wild side.

Trends come and go but there are some things that never go out of style, animal prints! They are forever pieces that form the cornerstones of our wardrobes.Animal prints come in different forms; leopard, cheetah, snow leopard, jaguar, zebra, tiger, margay, ocelot, spotted hyena, snake, giraffe or monkey. Yes monkey!I am personally not a fan of the monkey, the ocelot or the hyena print but there is a choice for everyone. Animal prints is a print I bet your mother probably wore before you, and yet it still feels relevant. In fact, it is one of those fashion items that your grandkids will wear too. Just like everyone should have a ‘little black dress’ in their closet, the same principal applies when it comes to animal prints. In fact you could even wear different animal prints at one time. Zebra, Cheetah, Tiger prints Oh my! Animal prints are classic, transcending seasons and trends without ever going out of style.You can make the prints work together if done correctly. Animal Prints are best styled, though, with any solid color. The color red, especially, looks stunning when worn with any of the animal prints making you look Forever Chic!

“If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” -Caprece Jackson

Influencer and Fashion Instagram icon, Caprece Jackson has created portals, programming and platform opportunities that illuminate, and connect independent apparel, jewelry and accessory designers with the public at-large, to connect community and generate new economy streams. Jackson creates interactive presentations, and offers personal style sessions to inspire and empower women interested in channeling their aesthetic energy through the fine art medium of Fashion, via cloth, fiber and embellishment. Through all the lives she has lived, fashion and personal style are the consistent threads woven through a macramé of bold moves in the fearless pursuit of my dreams and passions.

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