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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Face masks have turned into a fashion statement

Many Asian countries have been utilizing face masks for many years to combat and assist with the poor air quality that their regions endure. But no one could have ever imagined that face masks would transcend worldwide necessary trend. Face masks have become our protective shield against Covid19, as we have all become too familiar with unfortunately. It has become our new normal and one we believe will be around for awhile. As the pandemic progresses, brands like Prada and Gucci have pivoted to making masks geared more toward medical professionals than front-row fashion week attendees. Too often, we write fashion off as a frivolous idea. However, fashion can be used to empower women and make them feel fantastic. Creating fashionable face masks can actually help build our morale while more importantly safeguarding our lives! It can help us express our personality and bring joy to us and those around us.

Judith Boyd, an influencer and one of our cover models for the Ageless Chic population has over 55 thousand followers on her Instagram account- @stylecrone! She, like many other influencers, has taken these challenging time and has turned face masks into a fashion statement.

Juith Boyd

Wearing a mask is something that I have control over during unpredictable times. I protect you! You protect me! We protect health care workers! And it’s another way to express ourselves and look for the beauty as we social distance.

Face masks cover our greatest physical asset, our smiles. Creating and designing your own face masks is a way to show the world we are smiling from the inside out. Just make sure they meet the FDA and CDC requirements for safety. There is also a greater psychological impact in encouraging this new fashion face mask trend. The more the face masks are personalized to you, the more than likely you will wear them- possibly helping save your life or the life of a loved one.

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