Spring Has Sprung

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Former Miss Venezuela 1966 is now the Queen of Roses

Jeannette Paul, Miss Venezuela 1966, started growing roses 37 years ago in a planting pot outside her California apartment balcony. Her roses first grew about three to four feet tall and made the biggest, most beautiful blooms. Jeannette was so proud of that plant! Especially since her dad, who was alive at the time, had bought it for her. Since then, she has grown roses in all types of pots and I has them all over her yard. Every time she sees the deep red rose bush in her garden, she is reminded of the amazing man her father was.

I have found some really great tips over the years that really keep your roses looking healthy, vivid, and continually blooming all season. Don’t have a yard? No problem, these work for potted plants too!

Pruning is something that should be done in early spring. If you missed that, don’t worry! Trimming is still key to get them to continue to produce flowers all season. Trimming sparks new growth in a rose bush. Eggs shells are nature’s fertilizers which works wonders for roses! Egg shells are full of calcium which is such a good nutrient for roses. Another amazing tip that Jeannette shares with out Ageless Chic population for your roses is coffee. Coffee grounds are full of nitrogen which is very important for the soil. Roses love neutral or acidic soil, so the addition of nitrogen is perfect. She saves her grounds, lets them dry a bit, then sprinkles them on the base of the rose. Jeannette adds for you to just make sure to always wear sunscreen when you are out in the sun!

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