By Dr. Judi Woolger

“Protect yourself.” It’s a phrase we’ve grown tired of hearing. But new research is showing a surprising finding. Screen time, whether in front of phones, laptops or other devices, may be giving you too much exposure to blue light, which is also known as ”high energy visible light,” or HEV. This blue light emits rays that can be just as damaging as sun exposure and causes photo-aging of the skin. It can be especially damaging to people with darker skin and cause hyperpigmentation. If you don’t protect your skin, your devices may literally make you look older than you need to.

What’s the solution? Use sunscreen every day, even on the days that you stay in. Make sunscreen part of your daily ritual, even on these days where everyone is staying home. It has already been determined that chemical sunscreens are not healthy for us, as several of the chemicals can be found in the bloodstream up to three weeks later. Instead, select a barrier sunscreen. Zinc is safe for the skin. And newer brands come with tinted formulations to ensure that you won’t have that white sheen.

So, stay in touch with loved ones. Use your devices. But protect your skin, and protect yourself!

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