Fashion tells us about a person –one importance of looking at fashion is that it speaks a lot about you. Staying fit also speaks highly of you are as well. Hence, it is so important to follow fashion and fitness trends because it helps express a person’s way of living which is a part of her identity.

To get the latest fitness trends we reached out to SHE FITNESS STUDIO, a revolutionary fitness studio who offer the latest fitness exercise trends while motivating their members to strive a healthier version of themselves, for some tips.Besides their popular dance classes, spinning, step aerobic, circuit training and boot camp, SHE Fitness Studio has created a welcoming and inspirational environment for their members. Offering such a versatile program of exercise trends there is always something for everyone to try out.

For the person who is short on time, for example, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) encourages you to work at a high level for a short exercise bout. “Kinesthetic or Bodyweight training is one of the top exercise trends for 2020” explains SHE Fitness owner Salam Hachem. “This can be done anywhere at any time. No equipment needed. It can incorporate the HIIT workout.”
Fitness classes, more specific to the Ageless Chic population, have been on the rise in gyms and studios. In fact, health insurance programs encourage their clients to take advantage of this benefit in their policy at no extra cost to them. Those of us who choose to stay fit and join a fitness program are less likely to fall ill, while helping increase their social circle.

SHE Fitness Studio takes great pride in creating enticing fitness classes, geared for the Ageless Chic population, that leads to a healthier lifestyle.

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