Dress to Live!

Wearing a mask is something that I have control over during unpredictable times. I protect you! You protect me! We protect health care workers! And it’s another way to express ourselves and look for the beauty as we social distance.” -Judith Boyd @stylecrone

Fashion is safety. Style is courage. 'How fashion helps us express who we are and what we stand for' is a TED talk by Kaustav Dey about the power of what we wear and how fashion gives us a nonverbal language to embrace who we are and what we each all about.

Right now we are finding ourselves in unfortunate, unique circumstances where the need to cover up our best accessory, our smiles, can determine ours and/or our loved ones own life and death outcome. Face masks have become perhaps the most sought out accessory in our every day wardrobe for 2020 as well as our own protective shield against Covid19. Face masks have become the newest beauty and health trend for 2020. At Ageless Chic Magazine , we believe this trend will carry on well into 2021.

Brands like Prada and Gucci have pivoted to making masks geared more toward medical professionals than front-row fashion week attendees. Too often, we write fashion off as a frivolous idea. However, fashion can be used to empower women and make them feel simply fantastic, keeping their identity intact. We have to accept our new normal and our new way of life but we do not have to accept our inability for lack of self expression. At Ageless CHIC magazine we are embracing this vital safety product but transforming it to help express and reflect who we still are, behind the mask. Face masks are becoming an opportunity for self expression and a way to show the world we are smiling from the inside out. Enjoy our 'Fashion Show Blog' below as some of our lovely Ageless CHIC cover ladies model their own unique style for you. Safety First with a DASH of Fashion and Style!

*Just make sure they meet the FDA and CDC requirements for safety

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